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Car Disposal

Free Car Disposal Services in Perth

The longer you keep your unwanted vehicle on your property, the more you are contributing to the carbon footprint that is harmful to the environment. The reason behind this is the chemical evaporation that takes place from scrap or junk vehicles. Moreover, they cause several health hazards. Apart from this, if there is mould growth on the surface of the car, the spores can get into the air and when breathed in, they can cause allergies or other illnesses. Therefore, getting rid of the vehicle that is lying on your property for a long time is necessary. To do that, you should book an appointment with Cash for Unwanted Cars Perth since we offer free car disposal services in Perth.

To get rid of your car safely, we will use our industry-standard tow trucks driven by professional drivers. Furthermore, while removing your car, we will follow the required steps while complying with the car removal rules.


Organised Disposal of Cars

Our car disposal service in Perth is inimize. Therefore, rest assured that you will not be facing any inconveniences during the entire process. Moreover, in the service, you will get cash for your cars on the spot after our professionals prepare the paperwork. And, before your car is towed, our professionals will give a final look to see whether you have left any of your belongings inside. Additionally, our specialists will look for fuel leakages, unstable parts, etc. and fix them to avoid or inimize environmental damages. Finally, after following all the steps, our drivers tow the vehicles and bring them to our wrecking yard for safe disposal.

After the tow truck drivers bring a car to the yard, our auto part specialists in Perth will dismantle the same and separate the components that will be recycled. For this, they perform specific tools and methods. However, in the recycling and disposal process, they ensure minimal environmental impact.


Why Choose Our Perth Car Disposal Services?

We will dispose of your car in Perth safely. And a few other reasons why you should choose us includes
  • Disposal of and recycling of vehicle components of all brands and models
  • Following all safety guidelines during the disposal of the vehicles
  • Complying with the local rules or norms during the removal process
  • Following the appropriate measures while disposing of cars
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