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Car Recycling

Top Scrap and Old Car Recycling Service in Perth

A vehicle that is old and has turned into junk usually generates a lot of carbon footprint. So, experts recommend that you sell it out. Therefore, if you are in Perth, you should book a professional wrecker for an inspection. But if you cannot decide the best company that can do the needful, consider Cash for Unwanted Cars Perth since we provide excellent cash amounts for cars. Besides, we also perform hassle-free old car recycling in Perth.

Our professionals have years of experience in car removals and recycling. They are environment-conscious individuals and hence aim to reduce carbon emissions during the vehicle removal process. Also, while disposing of an old or scrap car, we comply with the local guidelines.


Comprehensive Auto Recycling in Perth

In our auto recycling service in Perth, we efficiently recycle car components. In the process, we examine a car keeping in mind its year of manufacture. And after that, we offer a quote to the clients. Then, if the client acknowledges the same, we accomplish the paperwork, hand over the cash and remove the vehicle on the same day.

After buying your car, our towing professionals bring the purchased vehicle to our wrecking yard, where our auto recyclers in Perth dismantle the vehicle attentively, inspect the components meticulously and separate the components that can be recycled.

After dismantling vehicles, our car recycling specialists in Perth will focus on the parts such as batteries, suspensions, brakes, tyres, etc. That are in a decent condition and can be fitted in other vehicles. However, the wreckers will get rid of the rest of the parts that are of no use. Additionally, our wreckers will also obtain metal from the car’s body using certain methods.

While carrying out the recycling process, our Perth auto recyclers will follow all safety measures to reduce carbon emissions while staying vigilant since the car disposal process can be hazardous, especially when old fuel and other liquids such as coolants, anti-freeze, etc. Are removed.


Vehicles We Recycle in Perth

Apart from scrap car recycling in Perth, we recycle components of other vehicles as well including
  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Vans
  • UTEs, etc.
So, if you want to get good cash in your hand by selling any of these vehicles to wreckers who follow eco-friendly car removal and recycling methods, get in touch with Cash for Unwanted Cars Perth today.

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